I feel betrayed and heartbroken, how can I recover from this?

I'm still young and am inexperienced with love. A couple years ago I fell for a girl and when I got rejected I had trouble recovering. A couple months later I realized I could fall for my best friend, and she said she promises that no matter what she'll always be on my side and if I fall for her she wouldn't break my heart and she'll love me, and overall everything would be okay. So we fell for eachother and had strong love. It was only over messaging because we weren't allowed to date until we graduate from high school, which is going to happen this coming summer. Unfortunately, a month after we fell for eachother her love vanished abruptly. She said she still feels that it'll come back and she even promised me she's going to love me again soon. Time went on and she had a mood swing once that caused us to stop talking for a month. Afterwards we became close again and she agreed that the love situation can continue. Over time we talked less and less but my feelings still persisted and grew. A couple days ago, for the first time in several months, I spilled a full description of how I feel and spoke from the heart. She said she doesn't feel the same, and as if we never were best friends, as if she never made promises to always be on my side. She told one of our mutual friends that she tries to never feel guilt for wrong choices she's made.

Now I feel so betrayed and hurt, and I realize people say those promises are impossible and that I'll move on and be happy in the future, but my love for her was so unconditional that my feelings right now are torturous. Trying to rid myself of my feelings or thoughts only makes them stick worse, and I feel so lonely in my heart and so heartbroken. I can't make myself angry at her because I care about her. There aren't any other girls that are options any time soon because of my small town, and regardless I can't think romantically about any other girls because I'm so hurt. Does anybody have advice for how to recover from this?


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  • Time heals all wounds. Wounds of the heart never heal completely because you won't forget how you felt about her. It will hurt the most right now and than in a couple of monthes of not talking to her you will feel better.

    • Well that's what everyone says but the first time around time just made everything feel worse as I got reminded of things and felt nostalgia.

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  • I know how you feel and I can relate to your heartbreak. Breakups are rough but time heals all wounds. Once a relationship is over, you have to move on regardless of the matter. I recommend you talk to a psychiatrist that can help you get back up on your feet and he/she will give you advice on what to do, how to move on and how fix your personal image.

    Find fun activities that will keep you busy, healthy and motivated. The next girl will show up around the corner when you least expect it, so its not the end of the world.


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  • Time spent doing other things you enjoy

    • Yeah that's what I've tried but nothing makes me happy anymore because she became my only form of happiness.

    • With time young one.