Apparently aliens are controlling our government?

So i know there is a lot of bs on te internet, but this conspiracy theory actually has some valid evidence supporting it. Even if they aren't controlling our government I at least belive that we have come into contact with them. The famous Roswell incident is regarded to be true with leaked documents and pictures believed to be authentic. There is also video evidence of many people from various government authorites confirming the existence of aliens. These people are reputable people who have no reason to lie and i believe they are telling the truth. Forgive for not sourcing things i say or remembering exact details of people and events but this is generally the things that i have found. Engineers at Area 51 attrmpted to reverse engineer the alien spacecraft and actually found out a formula for anti-gravity supposedly claimed by an ex-FBI agent. A mechanical engineer actually confirmeed he worked alomg side and alien named 'J-Rod' to work on building a replica 'UFO' to be piloted by humans. I believe that Area 51 is a military base which builds and tests alien spacecraft and technology. There is evidence of another grey alien name EBE who also helped humans but later died from disease. amore recently Edward Snowden who leaked top secret government files

one of them talking about 'tall whites' being responsible for government decisions in the US. This is also connected with a NASA scientist saying a tall alien in a spacesuit directong astronauts in space to make modifications to a satellite in space. Tall whites have also been represented in ancient history such as in the pyramids around the world as described as Gods giving direction for humanity. Are these tall whites controllin our government and what is their agenda.
There is also evidence suggesting aliens live on the moon. With images of pyramids and structures on the moon. Buzz Aldrin has also confirmed the existence of aliens and there is a lot of conspiracy surrounding the moon landings. Some say they were faked, but i belive we were only shown parts of the landing and not the whole truth. There is a transcript of the first landing with reference to the sight of UFOs on the moon and aliens giving a warning to stay away.


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  • Are you an alien posing as a GAGER?

  • Have you stopped wearing your tinfoil hat?

    • Haha lol. No im not a weirdo. But there is some validity to wearing tin foil hats bc apparently the aliens are telepathic and can read your mind. This is how they communicate and this has been said by many people from reputable sources and from people claiming to have been abducted by them.

    • I thought they were grey?

    • Yeah the grey ones are the small ones but apparently there are tall white ones as well.