For people who believe in or are interested in zodiac signs: How compatible is a Taurus man with a Libra woman?

He is an Aries/Taurus cusp man with a Pisces moon and I am a Virgo/Libra cusp woman with a Sagittarius moon. How compatible are those signs with each other? I've heard aries and virgo well together, but I've also heard that libra doesn't go well with aries, taurus, or pisces. Thoughts?

Note--If you are not interested in zodiacs please refrain from responding with speculation. I understand every relationship is going to be different and zodiac signs don't determine who will be compatible with each other, that they are a pseudoscience, etc. I find zodiacs fascinating and am still interested to see how these signs are said to match up.


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  • It is all bullshit.

    • Really? -_- I'm going to guess you didn't read my note. I understand not everyone finds them interesting... there's a reason I addressed it to those people on here who DO find it interesting.

    • I stopped reading when I saw the word zodiac.

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