Dad treating me like crap because I went out?

I went out with friends last night without asking. He told me I can do what I want so I did.. now he's being disrespectful... And telling me to not waist his time... what do I do? He wants to yell at me all day and sending me rude texts when he's out of the house. Is it really that big of a deal to go out without asking when he told me I could do what I wanted?

Im also now being kicked out and forced to live with my mean sister.. i guess that was a really serious thing I did.. my dad is psychotic he's in his late 60s..


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  • You didn't do anything wrong he is just a controlling person

    • Well now im getting kicked out like its ridiculous..

    • Yeah. Its really fucked up. Can't you live with someone else?

    • sadly no

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  • I mean it really depends on what your house rules are. Maybe he just wanted to know, just informing him could've helped.


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  • Wait... Is this your boyfriend? If so then leave him. He can't control your life or when you want to go out and see your friends.