How do I tell a guy I have a interest in him?

So I never been on a date or had a boyfriend. Anyways there is a guy 4 years younger than me. How can I tell him I have a interest in him. Should I attempt to be friends before dating him? Should I flirt? Help I am new to the dating world. 😥


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  • Flirt with him, make him interested in you


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  • It depends on the guy, but being friends is so much easier than just jumping into a relationship. This is because you're building on a strong foundation already. So I would say get to know him by asking him about what he likes to do, how school is going.. or anything really. Just get him to talk and I'm sure you can keep the conversation flowing from there.


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  • Yes. Start with friendship. And see where it goes. And dont worry, you sound pretty great. Id be flattered.


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