How do you feel if you wanted to ask a single-gender question, but you forgot to click on guys/girls option and still a person from the other gender?

Yesterday I wanted to ask a guys-specific only question…but I forgot to click on “guys only”…. yeah I’m a human and I forgot…. it happens…

Then happened wot I was afraid about…. i got responses from gals... i think i had lke 9-10 responses...

Shit isn’t it unfair? Someone might forget sometimes…. y people don’t respect it?

Particularly I asked if u had blood in yer semen…females don’t have semen…right? So y a female should answer anyway coz of ma carelessness? I was just careless…. I forgot to select “guys only”…. for god’s sake….

They make me feel like an idiot dat I forgot to click “guys only”…. it could happen to everyone…

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  • They were just having some fun at your expense, it happens.

    • personally i didn't laugh...

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  • I actually never make any of my questions sex-specific because it gives less replies, which means less exposure on the feed, which also means less opinions in general. And honestly, I prefer not to judge people's input as "worthless" just based on their internal genitalia; in fact, I have an entire myTake on how I think this is sexist and somewhat counterproductive.

    So I don't use that feature, personally.

    • so here we have a question..."how often do u shave yer pussy?"

      it's a question dat can be answered by females ONLY... as we all know guys DON'T have a pussy... so y a guy would answer there?

      or..."how long is your penis?"... gals don't have penises so it's a guys question ONLY...

      same thang happens here... females don't have semen... so they shouldn't answer... i just FORGOT to select "guys only"... and since i forgot... it should be respected... not being made fun of coz i was careless...

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    • Well... sure! It's happened before, some mods might delete that as antagonistic though as objectively it is against the guidelines and not constructive

    • Thanks for MHO!

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  • If that happens, you should add an extra comment to your question, saying you meant to ask only guys. And use proper grammar and spelling so everyone understands it.

    • but i did... TWICE... still nobody respected it...

  • just accept it, it isn't a big deal