If you are talking to a guy and he does this?

I was being polite and he just started not replying, which got me pissed, because I was nothing but polite.

I blocked him. Not in a take that kind of way, but more in a I kicked you out of my life sort of way.

I wouldn't be surprsied if he's shocked I have the guts to do that. We're all in the same hometown so I'd have to deal with him at some point


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  • You definitely did it in a "take that" kind of way, or you wouldn't be posting this question on here. Anyway, maybe he just lost interest, and how did you kick him out if he was the one who stopped talking to you? Sounds to me like you're just trying to take control in a situation where you have no control.

    • Not really. If I wanted to do a 'take that,' then I'd just insult him, or tell him to go to hell. Slamming the door in someone's face is more like saying get out, which is what I did.

      Of course I'm trying to take control in a situation where I have no control. I can't control other people, but I can control myself. If he's being rude how is that in my control? His behaviour is in his hands, my behaviour is in mine. And if someone doesn't have manners then I'm not going to treat them with an ounce of respect

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    • For starters, let me tell you a bit about my background: I am an Indian girl, beautiful in real life, and very conservative.

      This guy, also Indian, is like I mentioned, not easy on the eyes, in the least. And he is terribly insecure about the colour of his skin.

      I think he sees me being confident in my own, and feels threatened by that. So he feels the need to play these types of tricks, (this isn't the first time he's done something like this), to lower my self-esteem.

      It worked in the past; I would obsess and wonder what I did wrong, but I would also notice him keeping an 'eye' on me when I would converse with other guys.

      I've met people like this and the one thing i learned is they are NOT to be underestimated. It's these kind of people who are the masters of these tricks because while the whole world is walking right rhough them they're sitting there plotting

    • I think you should have said that in the original question, I mean it kinda sounded like he just lost interested from your post. But yeah its completely different if he was just trying to play some game, acting like he's not interested to make you insecure, but I still think that the way you acted about blocking him says that you do actually care.

  • Maybe he needed to do something else that's urgent? Spend more effort in being nice, don't be impatient :D and think positively, you don't know what's going on with them.

    • I think he's just arrogant. He's making good money so i bet he thinks all the ladies loove him or something I feel like kicking people like that, (not literally in a figurative sense)

    • Then do as how you wish to do :D, what are you worried for? as in why do you even ask if you're just gonna keep 'hating' him. I'll just suggest you to think more positively :D. "It takes more effort to be kind to people, than to be mean to them"

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