Dog can hardly stand up, one week after pyometra surgery... Is that normal?

My dog was diagnosed with pyometra and was operated last week.
she was doing well after the surgery and was walking, eating, poping etc.. Days after surgery..

two days ago she was looking kind of weak...
I took her to the vet yesterday..

Vet said she looked fine and perscribed more pain and infection antibiotics..

however, today she can hardly stand on her own paws..
She wobbles and collapses... As if she has lost her strength..

I'm giving her vetprofen and clavamox...

has as anyone gone through this and know what's going on? Is this normal?

My dog died yesterday morning.

What I learned: if your dog gets pyometra & needs surgery, it is not worth the risk. This is my second dog to die from this. The operation is awfully expensive and that's not including the medication. For my first dog it was 1,800 US$. For the second was 1,200US$ I was assure 91% that she would make it! and she still died. 😔
If you have a female dog and are not planning to breed, make sure to spay her before 5months, to avoid this silent killer (pyometra)..

It's really sad, but it's safer to put them to sleep, than to pay for a surgery which will only make them suffer more before they die... And then you still have to pay for them to help them die humanely... It's all so awful 😔😔😔 I was assured 91% ... It's not fair... Sometimes I think vets just want money.. When they know your pet really might not make it..


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  • That's horrible. Sorry.


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  • I'm so sorry 😔

  • I'm sorry to hear that. Contact the vet again and ask for direction.
    Good luck!

  • Return to a vet, seek multiple opinions.

  • I don't know fone the vet and find out, in the meantime cuddle her up real nice!


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