Girls, Why am I not happy?

I have everything anyone can possibly dream of having. A loving family, beautifully stunning girlfriend, a great sex life, I'm told that I'm very handsome by women almost daily, a dream career in the fashion industry where I'm my own boss, plenty of money, a new top of the line BMW, I travel, I have lots of vacation time and a great apartment in a high rise in one of the cities nicest areas and all this at just 29 years old... and I'm still miserable and have no idea why... I've been to see a therapist but I always feel like they just tell me what I want to hear cuz I'm paying them. What the hell is wrong with me.


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  • You could be suffering from something neurologically, I would perhaps try seeing an actual doctor or some kind of specialist who can determine that for you.

    • I've been a bunch of times... But everything's good... They gave me some pills that didn't work at all they just dulled me out and made it really hard to do my job so I'm off those.