Do you think my friend was just using me to hook up?

We used to like each other but he didn't feel like things would work out so we never explored the option of being a couple. We've hooked up on and off between us dating other people. I've always had lingering feelings for him and usually when we hook up it gets pretty messy.
He never knew that I still had feelings until after we'd hook up and I know he cares about me as a friends but it kind of hurts to know he doesn't see more in me.


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  • I've had a similar experience. I really liked her; we've never had sex; I've gone down on her tho. I feared she may not be interested in continuing it, even though I could tell she enjoyed it. And at this point I believe that's probably the case.

    Now on your situation I say this: guys tend to be horny, and we will hook up if a girl is good looking and willing. But once we climax, we're done with it. If that's how it gets with your friend, don't bet on it becoming anything long term


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