Why doesn't anyone believe my Dick is 8 inches?

Like is it my age? Or what is it? No one believes me.


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  • Because if it was really 8 inches, you wouldn't feel the need to convince everyone 😉

    • lol that's not the case, it just that whenever it comes up in a conversation they say I'm lying N that "I don't look like a guy with an 8 inch and that pretty boys don't have big dicks" I didn't say that that's what they said.

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  • I've been 7.5" since 13, so 8" at 16 while large is certainly believable.


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  • Why would u put that sort of info out there? Also, who cares if people don't believe u, just as long as you know.

  • Nobody really cares...


What Guys Said 3

  • It's very rare which makes it hard to believe. And people know that there's great obsession with d*ck size which creates all kinds of craziness. So saying that you have an 8-incher is like playing or joking around with the obsession over size. If you wanna prove it then show it.

    • I know that I have an 8 incher N I don't feel the need to just "Show" it to them because it's simply not right

    • It's obvious that you know but others won't believe it unless they see it. I'm not saying you have to show it to everyone, I'm just saying that people won't believe something like that unless they see it. You will just have to deal with the fact that others are not simply gonna believe what you tell them.

    • Which pretty much sucks

  • No one believes you because:
    A Guy that really IS hung, does not depend on it to define so much of his identity, he would whine like spoiled Baby if no one took him seriously.
    You have an infantile perspective that doesn't fool grown-ups.
    Just because you say it, you expect it to be believed.
    But you don't have the experience to realize that your too stupid to pull that off.
    Go overcompensate for your SHORT-comings somewhere else. Like North Korea.

    • Well you're a grumpy old man. Go elsewhere and take viagra and start wanking off your 3 inch weiner. I'm 8.2 inches and i'm happy with it. Now leave you filthy old troglodyte

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    • Okay sir, Have fun with your life. I really don't have time to be arguing with strangers online

    • But you have all kinds of time to be phony wannabe poser.
      Yeah. You have your priorities.
      Gonna go somewhere else to sell your shit?
      Good luck with that.
      You'll need another 20 years before you Pube.
      Trust me, your gonna feel like such an ASS then.
      It'll catch up to the ASS we all know you are now.
      When it's real for someone... and they don't have to play the game,
      they can sit back and watch all the pathetic players play the game.
      I don't have to prove a thing. It's not up to me to do it.
      "IT" has got that covered just fine!
      "It' ESPECIALLY can't prove for you.
      So insecure cause it's so miniature.
      And who does that then leave to try to
      prove & try more to prove they're lying, shallow,
      transparent, inane bragging empty words?
      Steam buns? Can you BE any more vacuous?
      You've been a blast kid.
      My jowls are sore! I think I pulled a couple of laugh muscles.
      Remember me when you finally realize how asinine you were, ZIT-DICK!
      That works on sooo many levels!
      Yay! No more letters !!

  • Because so many guys lie about how big it actually is. Truth is, only 5% of men in the world have a penis over 7 inches.