Do you people really exist, or you're a figment of my imagination?

Are you all voices in my head? Or am I voice in your head? Are we all a voice inside someone elses head? Do we really exist or is it all a dream? No I am not high. Going full Jaden on you.

Do you people really exist, or you're a figment of my imagination?


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  • I was interested so did some research:

    According to Dr. Jill Bolte-Taylor, Neuroscientist and author of My Stroke of Insight, hard-wired directly into the right hemisphere of our brain is the ability to perceive nirvana, oneness with all beings, unity consciousness, egoless existence, and the miraculous power of our being. As experiences filter through the left side of the brain we begin to assign labels, categories, meanings, cause and effect, and linear thought limitations, stripping the size of our experience down into tiny parts for dissection and interpretation. “…there was both freedom and challenge for me in recognizing that our perception of the external world, and our relationship to it, is a product of our neurological circuitry. For all those years of my life, I really had been a figment of my own imagination."


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  • This theory, in my mind is impossible.

    Lets say everything around me, including you, is a figment of my imagination. So, that means not only you but the original creator of the idea that everything around me is a figment of my imagination would actually of been created by me. This means that everything around me isn't a figment of my imagination because that means that i would of created the idea that everything is fake and thusly become self-aware or something. However, i would of always known that everything around me was a figment of my imagination so it is impossible that everything around my is a figment of my imagination.

    • what if you're saying that just to lie to yourself and to prevent yourself from becoming self-aware?

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    • maybe you created the lie subconsciously, without knowing about it. Maybe you created me to remind you of it so that you wake up.

    • lol. But it still remains the same that i would of created the lie and therefore know that it is a lie.

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