Who's the best ___ on G@G?

1. Advice giver
2. Sense of humor
3. Fashion sense (fashionista)
4. Sports player
5. Cosmetic guru
6. myTake writer
7. Health conscious/Nutritionist
8. Musician
9. Cook
10. Painter


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  • @mskay is myTake writer: I feel she has the ability to go far with this and everyone of her Takes are Brilliant and Interesting.
    @Yesits_GalaxyHotChoc is Cosmetic guru and my my bestie friend and sis who I first came to know and love on GAG.. She is gorgeous and has a beautiful personality, inside and out.
    @mooky06 You are a Beautiful girl with many talents that are Not even on here but I know with your smile and beautiful style, you will go far in life with little strife.. I love you my friend.
    @smahala1991 is Cook of the Century. Everything he Presents and Serves is Delicious.
    @skykidx1 You are a True friend to me and always here for me and I am lucky to know you.
    @zombiebabe is Health conscious/Nutritionist
    @RicanEyes is Great Advice Giver and my cousin whom I am proud to have a spart of my family.. I love you, cos.
    @Ashely_Princess is Painter and Knows how to go around GAG Town Painting a pix of someone whom is most amazing as a young girl and a true friend.
    @AppleFan1 is a Musician who always sings something on GAG with music to my ears when he sends me the Best Videos of things that deal with everything from soup to nuts, and along with this, he is one of my bestie for buds.
    @coolbreeze Best Sportsplayer of the Year.. Keep up the Great work, you will go far.


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