What will climate change do to our future?

What do you think will happen to our future as a result of climate change?

Say after... 50 years?

  • Full-blown dystopia dark enough to be the setting of a Hollywood movie.
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  • Some cities will have to be evacuated and living conditions will be much harsher.
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  • Quality of life will simply decrease in some ways, but it won't be that bad.
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  • Living conditions will not be harsher as a result of pollution control and/or technological innovation.
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  • I live under a rock and climate change doesn't exist.
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  • Other (explain please)
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  • No comment. I just want the results.
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Also includes the effects of other human-caused effects on the environment, such as extinction of species.


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  • I think our weather, certainly in UK, will become more violent and unpredictable. Sea levels will slowly rise, to the point where there will have to be serious upgrades to sea defences, or many coastal towns and cities will become uninhabitable. I'm sure we will see a continued expansion of desert areas as well.


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  • More flooding.😔

  • Well, here in the UK we rely on the gulf stream for our warmth. In the last few decades things have gotten a lot hotter and wetter. I don't know what the future hold but I know what's happening right now... I have my bug-out bag ready:)


What Guys Said 5

  • It will increase crop production in the northern latitudes while decreasing production near the equator. The same goes for living conditions.

  • I am here to bring happy news! "Climate change," previously known as "global warming" and before that, "global cooling," is a farce. The climate may very well be changing, but it's because of cyclical changes in the sun and it's happened thousands of times in the Earth's history. NASA just released a detailed report showing that arctic ice has been increasing for many years. So please do relax and enjoy the climate outside, I mean weather.

  • make us all Canadians

  • At the rate things are going in 50 years there will hardly be a noticeable difference.


    It's really going to have to pick up to meet those dire predictions.

  • An EMP attack is required to wipe out the cause of climate change. It will happen.

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