Do you think we have become paralyzed by the options available to us in the modern world?

I got this idea from Aziz Ansari's 'Master of None', which is a fantastic show that really highlights so many things in a comical, yet mature way- I really do recomend watching it, many issues discussed frequently here are brought up on this show- such as racisim, sexism and dating.

Anyway, one of the key points, I think, is that 20 something year olds today are actually burdened by the amount of control we have in our lives. You could change your job at a whim, date many people you never would have had access to before or up and travel the world. The problem is, many of these choices cost you all the other ones- thus creating a generation petrafied by making the right choice, and not a failing one we will regret for the rest of out lives. All of this is set against the ultimate choice of marriage and kids, which as we all know is a dwindling first choice for many people in this age group.

I know I feel this myself. I lived abroad for a year, but was that enough? I love traveling and once I get a carreer that won't really be an option ever again until maybe I am retired and much older. Speaking of carreers, am I making the right choice in what I want to do? Or is it something that will earn me more money that I should do? I have loved before, even lived with a girl for a year- did I miss out because I felt to young for such a commitment? Am I missing out on a potential partner because I can talk to 10 other girls at once? (not that I personally do this).

I am sure many older GAGers will see this as millenials making up things to complain about, and the show adresses how to relate this to our parents generations, so I earge you to watch it as well.

Anyway, leave your thoughts below, thanks!


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  • This has always been going on... for many generations. The questions are essentially the same... just technology changes... and some economic conditions, but the questions are basically the same...

    • But I think that technology specifically has rapidly enlarged those options for us, or at least made them much more accessible. But you are right, the questions are still the same.

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