I'm confused- Personal statement?

Like I'm confused how to go on about why I'm interested to do the chosen course I'm applying for. I don't even know why myself!


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  • Just pour your feelings out on paper. Write about why you're interested in the course, also talk about related-activities you've done in the past just to show them you have experience & that you're dedicated.

    • Easy to say

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    • Welcome x and yeah I've improved a lot! Believe I'm finished

    • Good to hear!

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  • You have to know why! Like why do you care about applying and don't say for the money. What are you going to get out of it.

    • Alright but still I dunno !! Like I kno bit dunno how to pour the feelings and change it into words

    • Then you need to ask a professional to help you. I am not good at applying either! hahah!

  • What course is it?

    • Science based..

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    • It's for uni!

    • Oh, whoops! I apologize, still there should be some science clubs you could take part in!

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