I hate being Indian?

white people have all the luck in dating and (sometimes) making female friends.

In my freshman year of college, I made a lot of friends, started working out, and even joined a co ed frat. girls smile at me when we cross paths and sometimes even approach me / hug me / invite me to hangouts.

yet, in the 8 weeks I have been here, I do not have a girlfriend yet, nor have I had sex. I am just a friend (i do make weak attempts to flirt or joke). I mostly laugh at others' jokes.

My parents raised me to focus more on grades than social life, but that put me in a HUGE depression in high school. I got low grades, had few friends, cannot hold conversations for long, and am not too physically strong. I also lack muscle and weigh 160 lbs (I have seen uglier guys get gfs).

Indian girls aren't common in my school, and the Indian girls that do exist clique themselves off.

I work out, study, play video games, watch movies, and hang with friends.

Being Indian is a curse, especiialy if you don't fit in with other Indians.

I feel girls just hate Indian guys in general.

I dress ok, and DO NOT smell.


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  • It has nothing to do with you being Indian, it's who you are. It also goes without saying that not all girls are ready to have sex with/jump into a relationship with a guy they've only known for 8 weeks. It takes time, effort, self-improvement and perseverance. Don't make excuses for yourself or assume it's racism, because that in of itself is a turn off.

    • thanks for MHG.

    • and I have seen people hookup in the short time we have been here

    • That is a particular type of person, not a particular type of race. Those are people who have sex casually, not all girls are DTF.

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  • Bro it's not about being Indian. It's about you. Try to not be shy and hold conversations for long alo remember that you still search for a girl that deserves you and you deserve her, I mean think of your self that you are an orginal version and one day you will find a girl like your self orginal :)


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  • I assume you are in your late teens? You should feel very lucky

  • You're not doing a good job of pretending to be Indian... Try harder.