(QUIZ) What Kind Of Dog Are You?



You are a Basset Hound! Warm, laid back, and fun loving, you frequently march to your own (very slow) drummer. And you come by your love for a good mystery honesty. You are, after all, a Basset Hound. (While you're most famous for your nose, those droopy eyes would win anyone over.)

(QUIZ) What Kind Of Dog Are You?


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  • You are none other than the bright and highly spirited Chihuahua! Incredibly lively, with a fabulous zest for life, you adore the companionship of active friends. You likely look adorable in a sombrero as well. . . . WRONG! I hate Chihuahuas. lol


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  • I got Saint Bernard
    "Tender, trustworthy, and benevolent, you are always there to lend a helping hand to friends and strangers alike. Then again, what Saint Bernard isn't? And your sturdiness makes you oh-so huggable on those cold, snowy mountaintops"
    I guess it's true :P

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