Why do people act like its a good thing not to care about what they eat?

why do people act like its a good thing not to care about what they eat?

I'll hear people talk about it and see things online where they say that they dont work out (and proud of it) and that they eat sweets and junk everyday etc.

I dont expect people to care so much about it as I do, but not giving any shits about your health is something i can't wrap my head around.

Seems like people dont care about their current nor futur health, i seem to be the only person that cares about fat gathering on inner organs and in general making it easier or myself when i get older and now.

I mean i know that the older i get the mroe difficult losing weight is going to be, am i just overthinking everything or are people just ignorant and/or lazy when it comes to their health?


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  • Sometimes they think it makes people envious of them... I don't work out and eat shit look how good I look...

    But if you eat healthy and exercise for the aesthetics, training, and health benefits then you think that they are idiots

    • People are weird... well its their life and health. . If they want to be unhealthy then so be

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    • i dont follow recipes to be honest, i just put things together that i know taste good..

    • Well damn lol you should send me those things you've found then lol

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  • I think its because worrying about calories and eating tasteless food is boring and people think boring stuff is depressing. I am moderate when it comes to caring how much I eat.

    • So eating healthy is eating tasteless food and caring about calories in your mind? I find that very interesting actually..

    • I think she meant that's what some others might think. I don't know.

    • oh.. yeah! im a bit tired.. lol

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  • Most of those people correlate "healthy" with "boring"... which is far from the truth.

    Once one breaks the addiction to orgasmic tasting food, they will realize life has more to offer!

  • I don't know anyone like that. As you get older, you realize how important diet is to your health and happiness.

    • Exacly! Im Just making it easier for myself

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  • It's the idea that they don't care about "stupid" societal definitions of beauty.

    But there's a difference between wanting to conform to societal standards of beauty and wanting to be healthy.

  • I just hate love this question! HAHAH! I don't know! I use to care and now the depression set in I could care less!

    • I see. . Maybe not the same but when im on my period I dont care about what I eat either lol

    • I am on the rag! I want ice cream!

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