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I am still in shock after watching the news and hearing of all the horrific things going on in France. My thoughts are with you! I want to try to spread some positivity so please write anything in the comments that you think would bring us closer together. Share something that you did for another person or what another person did for you. Something to do with animals? A nice part of your day? Spread the love and kindness ❤

I will start: After keeping a lot of emotions inside over the past few weeks, I finally opened up to my parents and we talked for a long time. It felt good.


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  • Near where I live, my mum has a friend called Nettie. She is known right round the town as "The Hedgehog Lady". She has spent a huge part of her life caring for unwanted and injured, pets and wildlife. I have helped feed orphaned baby hedgehogs with an eyedropper. It's an amazing feeling seeing wildlife nursed back to full health and the relased back to their natural habitat.


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  • hmmm... I really did nothing postive i ate a cupcake! Does that count! I gave love to myself!