I want to go clubbing tomorrow buut?

I wanna go clubbing tomorrow in Dublin city. It's about just over and hour from where i live. I'm 19 and haven't socialised in quite a while and it's been kinda getting me down and depressed. The problem is though that i don't have anywhere to stay and a taxi home would be about 130 euro which is too expensive.


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  • Sounds "grand." :) (Speaking Irish.) 130 is a shitload of money. I'd wait till you have a friend you can go with and split a room with. That'd be a hell of a lot cheaper than 130 and you could take a bus or train home.

    • Yh but i don't have many friends and the ones i do have don't like going clubbing lol.

    • I know the situation. Been there. Get a cheap hotel room, man. IF you need it. You might rock until dawn and be able to sleep on the first train home. :)