Why do Biracials feel they can just claim black?

There's nothing that irritates me more. You are just as much white as you are black. I've noticed they love to make sure people know they are mixed, but claim black when it benefits them. Barack Obama is NOT black. Beyonce is NOT black. Rihanna is NOT black. Zendaya is NOT black. Alicia Keys is NOT black. Keri Hilson is NOT black. Serena Williams IS black. Lupita Nyong'o IS black. Gabrielle Union IS black. Kelly Rowland IS black. Oprah Winfrey IS black. Michelle Obama IS black. I'm tired of seeing biracials pass as black women on television shows, magazines, etc... Why can't they be white? Or just what they are... BIracial. (No hate against mixed people. I just don't understand why they claim something they are not.)


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  • The average person identifying themselves as 'black' in the USA id about 1/4 European genetically.

    "On average, the scientists found, people who identified as African-American had genes that were only 73.2 percent African. European genes accounted for 24 percent of their DNA, while.8 percent came from Native Americans."

    "Most Americans with less than 28 percent African-American ancestry say they are white, the researchers found. Above that threshold, people tended to describe themselves as African-American."

    About 80% of people identifying as 'black' have a significant European genetic component so who would be a 'true' black person in your estimation?

    • If both your parents and grandparents are black, then you're black.

    • But how can you be sure your grandparents were black? Most of the white genes in the 'black' gene pool entered more than two generations ago. What if one of your grandparents was claiming to be black but was in fact 1/2 white?

      Also as I said the average person identifying as 'black' in the USA is 1/4 white, that's the genetic equivalent of a white grandparent. So by that standard 1/2 the 'black' people in the USA are not 'really black'.

      You might want to get a genetic test yourself. You never know.

      The last time a census taker got in touch with me and asked me my race i truthfully replied "I have no idea". They proceeded to ask about my parents and grandparents and I said, "I'm pretty sure about my parents because I look like them but past that aren't you asking me to vouch for the chastity of a lot of women I never even met?"

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  • Why do you hate it so much? I mean, why does it matter you what someone else identifies as? What is "black" anyway? A color? A race? Well wtf is a "race"? Wtf is "White"? A race or skin color or both? In the end what difference does it make anyway? Is someone in your pocket because they're biracial and identify as "black"? What r u the US Census Bureau? Besides you don't dictate who can identify as what and nothing you can do about how anyone identifies anyway. You don't have to like it.

  • I have a really racist biracial friend I posted a question about not long ago. He has a white single mother but claims to be black. But he tends to live through the lens of race to define reality.

    I think it's a basic fact that black + black = black and black + white = biracial but some people are still living by the racist one drop rule idea


    • Omg, I was so confused when I saw this pop up 😂 but yeah, this account has a new owner. But, good observation. xD

  • I know, Obama is half white half black.

    He's as much of a black president as he is a white president!

  • Most blacks are mixed though. I have white ancestry but I identify as black.

    • No if both your grandparents are black and your parents are black that doesn't make you 100% black. It doesn't. You can try to deny it but genetically it doesn't. Race is just a label.

    • I don't understand your logic

    • @rbenjamin2 Most blacks have interracial ancestry?

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  • one drop rule in america, look it up