Girls, do you think plastic backed sanitary pads are more protective?

I've been wondering this, because in my experience those that are of real cotton or something they seem to leak through more easily, not to mention the possibility of odor.. Unlike always pads. Opinions?
(no, no tampons, thanks...)


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  • Before I switched over to tampons, I used the fancy Always brand because they simply never leaked and I bleed a lot.

    Whatever "technology" they claim to use and boast in commercials about the infinity brand is true and I would definitely recommend them to pad ladies.

    They make less noise too as opposed to be unbranded cheap cotton shite that stinks up and makes dogs run up to sniff your crotch.😒

    • I switched over awhile ago, so back then I used Always Ultra. The Infinity brand has only been gaining popularity recently, but I had to use pads for a few days some months ago and nothing ever leaked, so I'd say both Ultra and Infinity are good.

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    • I trusted the Ultra variety my whole teen years, they're thinner than your average pads and the plastic dotted stuff they layer them in keeps all the blood from spilling out.

      And yeah, when I had an almost full pad and a dog was nearby, it would always run up and sniff my crotch. Quite embarrassing since most guys know this and would make a comment along the lines of "Someone's on the rag, lol!"

    • Yeah, I mean, I've heard something that some male animals "find" the fertile females through smelling their "periods" if you call it like that.. but didn't think that this would happen across species like that. But yeah, it happened to me once also that I woke up to the scenario that my labrador had his noses on my undies.. I was kinda scared of infection or something. Though he's still quite young and fools around my stuff sometimes, chewing, etc. But you made a point :)

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  • Again: tampon person and haven't used pads in years because pads are terribly uncomfortable and gross. Not pushing tampons (Ha, pun) just saying.

    It only makes sense that plastic backed are less likely to leak, that's what the plastic is for. As long as there isn't a hole in it, liquid isn't coming through. And I agree, I had no idea they made pads without plastic. That just sounds stupid to me and a guaranteed leak.
    When I did use pads I used them mostly at night and had very very heavy periods (birth control is amazing for stopping that) so unless a pad had plastic wings, it was guaranteed to leak. Plastic just seems more logical, safe, and sanitary to me.

    • good pun, ha :D

      ya, I think they are supposed to feel more "natural" to the skin, and it is more environment friendly, or at least I heard something like that, perhaps from their ad or something.

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    • I googled. It is the Infinities. Magic.

    • Aw thanks :) I'll give it a try if I don't forget!

  • haha I never tired to put a tampon! lol um... I am not sure! I always used lays pad!

  • Having tried both, I tend to agree with you in saying that the plastic backed ones do give you more confidence with possible leakage.

    I must confess though in normally being a tampon girl.

  • I didn't even know there were pads without plastic because I've never seen or heard of it. Anyway I would not trust pads without plastic.

    • umm "here" in my region naturella makes them for example i think