Anybody had a Biopsy before?

Anybody had a biospy before?

I'm suppose to get one done as soon
As probable, but I've been delaying it.

Since I'm a bit nerves about getting it done and finding out if something is wrong.


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  • I just did. Do NOT delay it.


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  • I have...
    The waiting is the hard part... Just try and stay busy and positive...
    I hope everything works out ok!!!

    • Thank you for the advice:) I'll try to do that.

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  • A biopsy of what and from where?

    • There some abnormal tissue in a private area
      That my doctor is worried about she wanting me go to the hospital yesterday

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    • I am, I'm delaying it instill Monday

    • I do wish you well.. And quite honestly you really do have nothing to worry about in having the biopsy, other than perhaps a little discomfort for ashort period afterwards.

      Good Luck