How do I not become bitter?

in my senior year of high school I was ignored by my crush after I asked her out to valentines day, then she rejected me when I asked her to prom, and I ended up going alone.

that really hurt and I'm afraid I'm going to become bitter due to this

i see so many guys having fun just using girls, and girls falling for their tricks.

this is what makes me upset^


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  • Just try to remember that she's only one girl.
    There are so many other girls out there.. that one that rejected you doesn't matter in the long run.
    Try to keep it in perspective. Not everyone will like you, it's just the honest to god truth. You can't please everyone! All that matters is that you keep trying!

    And I commend you for not just using girls, that makes you a really great guy.

    I suggest you just try to forget about her and remember that you are better than the rejection. Don't forget that you're still a great person and other girls will think so too!

    • it hurt because I put in so much effort, and I stepped out of my comfort zone.

      and thanks, I guess I'm old fashioned

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