I'm pissed off at public transport, is there anything I can do about it?

In my city we have public transport buses, that work from 5 am to 12 pm, and one night bus, and the schedule is being posted online. But lately taking the bus is a horrible experience.
-The bus I take 2-4 times every day is always too full of people, to the point people are stuck on the bus door. It seems buses pass less frequently than they used to.
-The previous week I had to take 2 buses to go somewhere far, and I had read the schedule, but one bus was late, and the driver told me the schedule isn't true for that specific line, because there are 7 buses operating instead of 10, which were operating when the schedule was made. Then I was late because of this, and I barely made it home before the buses stopped for the night.
-Two days ago, there was a protest, so the buses posted a different schedule for the day, that said only when each bus line started and when it ended. I was in the bus stop when it ended, and my buss didn't pass.
-Today I was in the bus stop at time to take the last bus, which passed earlier than usual and I lost it, so I had to take a taxi to go home, and I wasted money for no reason because of this.

I am pissed off at this, for having to take the bus even 4 times every day, and I always have to squeeze into the bus and push other people. Because the buses are fewer, the drivers don't follow the scedule and the service doesn't update the schedule with the new hours. I have to be late and make other people angry, get anxious and angry myself, spend money on taxis and on my monthly bus card, having to wait for hours in the bus stop or having to walk home, which is approximately one hour away from the city center.

I want to do something to change thisb situation, but I don't know what. Do I sue them? Do I call and leave my complaints? Do I tell everyone about it, and we all make a protest? Do I go in the bus without paying? Do I start yelling at random drivers? Help me with suggestions because when I think about it, I get angry and I can't think in a logical way


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  • If the cause of the buses running late are not the public transportations fault you really can't do much to change it , I'm sure they aren't happy and get lots of complaint calls already. If the bus driver doesn't call in a schedual issue ( running late / running early) they honestly can't update their on line schedual

    • It is their fault, because the schedule isn't accurate, and often the drivers are late or early

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    • Thank you

    • you're welcome!

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  • Don't sue them, suing people isn't cool at ALL. That's like, the most SQUARE thing you could do.

    Save up for a car, or carpool, but your best bet is to just avoid public transport.

    If you can't, there really isn't anything you can do. Just endure the pain.


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