What do you think of people who accuse anyone who is critical of Israel of "hating Jews"?

Or people who use the Holocaust to justify Israel's crimes


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  • "Israel's crimes"? and how about "French's crimes"? bloodthirsty muslims terrorize the whole west and not only Israel, their only goal is to kill all non-muslims and to take over the whole world, so when would naive liberals would stop defending terrorist? and seeking for excuses for them?



    • You assume that this is about Islam yet neither I nor anyone on the Palestinian side of my family is Muslim :)

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    • If Israel's purpose was to kill civilians then the palestinians was dead and/or fleeing to the lost of them long ago, Israel is actually holding back, and even still giving electricity and water to their palestinian enemies. The palestinians take pictures from syria and lying that it's from gaze. the terrorists and their supporters always looking for excuses, for for their attacks on Israel, and their attack on france and usa, and many other countries.


    • You give electricity as a PR thing to cover for the fact that you blockade Gaza and Still occupy the West Bank and build illegal settlements there. When you're occupying somebody else's territory, you can't be said to be defending yourself. And Israeli atrocities in Gaza have been documented long before the Syrian Civil War began.

  • Let me tell you something. Did you know that a Jewish banking family from the USA paid for guards at Auschwitz? They paid to keep their fellow Jews from escaping.


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