If a job says something is required, but I don't meet that requirement, does that mean if I apply there's no chance I'd get the job?

I've worked before as a sports camp counselor for younger children. I had to deal with the kids as well as their parents.

Im wanting to apply as a Product Specialist for Tesla. You know, the greatest electric car company in today's day and age.

The one thing holding me back from applying is that "customer service experience is required". I haven't worked in a customer service department, but I know what it takes and again, I had to keep and deal with the parents and kids in a professional manner as the camp counselor (it was a city job).

I am extremely knowledgeable and absoluely stand behind tesla. Though I'm sometimes a quiet person, working for Tesla would make me talk people's ears off (ask my family and friends lol). I know a lot of details and facts about the cars, and I learned the facts because I'm just so enthusiastic about the cars. It's a genuine interest of mine and I know working wouldn't actually feel like I'm working.

Thank you so much for reading

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I should add that I'm very mature and can portray myself in a professional manner. Yes, I know I haven't had customer service experience, but I know what it takes. Also, if I'm extremely enthusiastic about the company and know in good detail about their products. Maybe they can judge me based on everything I just previously mentioned.


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  • Go for it man. Somezimes , requirements like those are not set on stone. Especially if you otherwise have other qualities that make you stand out from other applicants or if you otherwise have had similar experience that made you require the exactly same skills as someone who have work ed in customer service. They might still consider you. Wouldn't hurt to try. You gotta admit it and be direct about your lack of experience though, and then continue telling them why they should still consider you

    • Of course. Thank you very much. I feel like if they gave me the opportunity, they wouldn't be disappointed. I work very well with people and can handle things very well. I'll give it a try. It's worth a shot!

    • No problem! I'm still working on when to apply. I fully intend to. Being in college, I've been busy with tests and I'm going out of town soon, so it doesn't make sense right to apply quite yet. Thank you very much for your help though :)

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  • As an owner, and manager when we put a list of requirements into a job description it's because of the skills that will be needed. Understand that you will be competing with many other applicants, but your enthusiasm may be a big benefit in your favor. I'd send in a resume with a very catchy cover letter explaining why YOU must work for this company, and see what happens. The worst that they can say is "no" and even that maybe "you don't fit this position, but you might work out here instead." And offer you a different job. You never know unless you ask. Good luck to you.

    • Thank you for posting. You're extremely helpful. I understand there will be competition, however just thinking about it, I'm extremely enthusiastic, stand behind their product, know a great deal about their product, I can portray myself well.. As well as the company, etc. I'm a college student studying engineering, so I'm tech savvy and can relate that to their cars and can portray the information well. The job is part time and I basically greet the customers and let them know about the car. I'd also have to deal with customers who have problems with their cars and handle it in a professional manner, however I already know beforehand the types of problems associated with the cars, so that will be no problem whatsoever to deal with. If not, I still know how to take care of the problem. I'll take your advice on the résumé. Thank you very much again!

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  • well, the fact that you actively dealt with other humans IS customer service in it's simplest terms really. Especially that you've dealt with people regarding what they're most picky about: their children. In an interview, perhaps you can work that into your selling point :)

  • Applying couldn't hurt, worse come the worse you won't get the job

  • Right! Don't go there

    • Do you mind clarifying that please?

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    • I was asking if you'd expand on your comment. "Right!" ... Right what?

      And "don't go there".. As in don't try applying there or don't think in that negative manor

    • Sorry, I forgot

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