How do I go about this - family or boyfriend tomorrow?

I told my boyfriend and his family on the phone that I'm gonna go visit him and meet his family tomorrow. And they said I can come anytime tomorrow. And me and my sister and her husband have been talking about canceling my Sprint line (I'm the account holder and it's just my line on my plan) and for me to go on their plan which is cheaper. And my sister was gonna help me with that in person and now she's saying she might come tomorrow or Monday depending on how they feel, if they're too tired when my brother in law gets off work from a 12 hour night shift at 7:30. And she said she also won't know until he gets home from work in the morning. And whenever I go with them, they keep me the whole day and I don't know what time she'd pick me up if it's tomorrow. Does this have to affect my plan and promise to go to my boyfriends house? I really don't wanna not go with the plan with them.


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  • Do what you want to do. Not what other people want you to do