The anti Elliot Rodger?

Let me make this abundantly clear, i'm not violent in any way shape or form and will not hurt others. Now that we're past the disclaimer let me explain, I'm the anti Elliot Rodger, I haven't had any luck with females, but my perspective on it is COMPLETELY different, it's my fault. All of it. I should be better, I can't blame any of the girls who have rejected me because well, genetically, and admittedly, psychologically i'm completely undesirable, and that is my fault, I do not live up to what is attractive, and I never will. I am a mere blip on the evolutionary radar, and it's better that I disappear.


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  • Awe.. just focus on other things or hobbies lol do something worth doing... stop valuing your self for how many women don't like you.


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  • Develop your own interests and move on. Make more money, take up interesting hobbies, get new skills, earn an advanced degree, pursue interests that appeal to YOU.

    While you do this, you may run across women, you may not.

    But at least you won't be pining for them. THAT was the ultimate mistake Elliot Rodger made. He never developed himself, and instead became an obsessive stalker.

    • I'm employed, and going to school for something I really like, I just wanna matter to somebody.

    • And in time, you WILL. But build up your economic value and maintain your physical shape. Don't compete against others--that will just bring you down and make you miserable--just compete against *yourself*. I hope that makes sense.

      Believe it or not, by the time you are 30, if you:
      --are unmarried without kids,
      --with a stable and reasonably well paying job,
      --in reasonably decent physical shape,
      --with no criminal record, and
      --you own a home of your own, even a modest one,

      You WILL be desirable, as the women start realizing their partying days are over and they need a real guy as spouse material.

    • Followup thought: , try an older "Cougar" divorcee, who wants to "get her groove back". She might just be the one to break you in. Your initial lack of game in such a situation will be non-threatening, and therefore downright appealing, to an older divorcee. And by interactions of this nature, you will get "game". And then, by the time you are the age of the Cougars yourself, you may even be trolling for younger babes! Or you may have already found someone and settled in. The point is, you never know until you actually try.

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  • So what was your intention by posting this?

    • it had to be let out. I just needed to do something with these thoughts.

    • Ok, I understand.

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  • Yeah, these days getting a girl to say 'yes' to a date is a tougher task than climbing Mount Everest. Unless you have drop-dead good looks, or wagonloads of cash.

    • Yes because you struggle to get a date the only guys in the world who can get a date are the insanely attractive and the insanely rich. Totally. Because there's no other reason a girl would reject a guy besides his lack of abundant wealth or the fact he isn't a model. Spot on.

    • Lol I literally say the exact opposite and he thinks what he's saying agrees with me @RachelBrigs

    • @RachelBrigs

      Yeah, there is a way for guys who are not good-looking to get girls to agree to date them. They need to hypnotise he girls, or use telepathic powers to get the girl to find them 'desirable'.

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