After what happened in Paris, does any non-Muslim person from any Muslim country have any chance of immigrating to any EU country?

(And not be harassed every day)


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  • I think you would have to join the mass exodus along with all the other refugees. It would not be a pleasant experience. It does depent on where you currently live. Unfortunately, countries like UK are being overwhelmed by immigrants from the EU, before we even take into account refugees. The biggest problem for UK is a governmental failure to provide anywhere near the number of houses required. And it's getting worse.

    I wish we had room to take you all!

    • No, I'm not a refugee. I'm a (potential) immigrant. I'm planning to come for studying and then find a job if I can. But I'm afraid it won't be possible to get a visa. People already think everyone from a Muslim country (I'm Turkish) is a terrorist/refugee. Even if I do get there, I wouldn't want to be harassed everyday. I already got accused of stealing jobs and I'm not even there!

    • Coming to study won't be a problem. That should be quite straight forward. Once you are here, take it step by step and you might be able to stay permenantly.

      I'm sure you would not get any harassement, but my advice to anyone is always avoid London. It's too big, too noisy, too impersonal. Go to one of the smaller university cities such as Sheffield, Bath, Bristol, Exeter, Canterbury etc.

      It's strange, but I have a friend that retired to live in Turkey. He is very happy there. I wish I could offer you the same hospitality that he's getting!

    • Of course he comes to live in Turkey, duh. It's a beautiful country. But there's no future here. I bet he wouldn't change his British passport with a Turkish one. A massacre similar to the one in Paris happened here and the government barely bothered with an explanation. When asked if they would resign, they smiled. Literally.

      I'm not thinking about coming to UK. It could be nice -no need to learn another language- but it's very expensive. GDP is almost x4 more valuable than TRY. Italy is the cheapest, but it's also the worst. I'm still trying to decide between Canada and a couple other EU countries. Though sometimes I think I'll never make it.

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  • Well, Europe is very xenophobic and Islamophobic in general so they probably wouldn't have stood a chance even BEFORE the attacks in Paris.

    • Doesn't it make the SLIGHTEST difference that they are NOT Muslim, but from a Muslim country? Because they hate being labeled as something they're not.

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    • I'm sorry; I don't speak Turkish.

    • Sigh.

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  • If the french like to have even more terror they should keep letting muslim immigrants invade their land.

    • I can't deal with you too right now. Blocked. Hope you burn in hell for being a racist and making life hell for people.

  • I think you can, as long as you don't wear a hijab and you eat pork.

    • Do I have to? 🐷

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    • ""most women don't wear the hijab""

      Which is exactly why one should be weary of the ones who do.

    • But there are a lot of people who do as well. Every adult female member of my paternal family does except my aunt, her cousin and my 2 second cousins. But the only hijabi in my maternal family is my step-sister. There's 1 hijabi girl in our class of 19 and 2 hijabi teachers in the school. And they're just normal people.

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