Environmental Emergency, Did you know? ?

Did you know that commercial agriculture (meat and dairy) causes more air and water pollution on a global scale than automobiles do and is one of the biggest contributors to rainforest destruction?
So what are we going to do about it?

For starters everyone needs to stop eating as much dairy and beef as possible because continuing to buy beef and dairy products only justify the ruthless robber Barrons of the USDA. Wall Street combined with tactical political initiatives bought and paid for by American corporate entities are the ones funding rapid rainforest destruction and the continuous depletion of THE WORLD'S clean waters which are being consumed and polluted at large by commercial cattle farms.
It takes approximately 1000 gallons of water for ONE quarter pounder hamburger at McDonald's to be produced. With the record droughts and wildfires in the Western USA raging, and water restrictions placed on the communities, where is all the water going? it's going to raise the goddamn cows for corporate profit! ! Meanwhile robbing the communities surrounding the farms of clean air, and water. WAKE UP PEOPLE THE APOCALYPSE IS HAPPENING RIGHT UNDER OUR NOSES!!
Rapid deforestation, environmental destruction, global poverty on the rise. And our human rights taken from us with each spending bill our governments sneak in under our noses. Wake the FUCK UP AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! !!! Before it's too late.


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  • That's not actually true. 41% of GHG emissions are from heavy industry. 37% of GHG emissions are from animal husbandry. I'm an environmental engineer.

    • Environmental engineer from where?

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    • Good luck getting the Americans on board. They like to think they're perfect, when in fact they're the largest contributor of GHGs in the world.

    • Now that I totally agree with, America is a major problem in this equation. American corporations just use this planet like a 2 dollar whore, and it's disgusting.

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