Are some guys just creepy no matter how they approach or talk to a woman in any situation?

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  • some guys are, because they are usually creeps. not all, but some. that is where instinct comes in handy.

    • Are they?

    • well yes. he could appear to be charming and pleasant, and good looking, but be a creep waiting to gain your trust and then do stuff to you. in case you didn't know, serial killers and pick up artist use very similar lines to draw in prey. obviously not all guys are like that though. but that would be my definition of creepy; someone who seems suspicious or dangerous.

Most Helpful Guy

  • you're only creepy if you can't talk to women. if you're just staring and barely say anything then yeah you're creepy but if you can read her and talk about stuff she's interested without her even telling you what it is then she will be interested. for instance i meet a girl on the subway a few days ago. she had a band shirt on and i was familiar with them so i started talking about the lead singers solo career and previous bands with her. she enjoyed the conversation we both missed our stops and i got her number.


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  • Its more common that women make a snap judgement of you. Basically calling a guy creepy is the new way of rejecting a guy. Then, after insulting us, women wonder why "no one approaches them". Try to be friendly, casual, and if you dont feel you are being creepy, and no one can tell you why its creepy (usually friends can tell you) then just keep looking for your special girl.

    • That's interesting.

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    • For instance most guys aaproach a girl in a normal way, she calls them creepy, and rejects them. A tall dark handsome man approaches them in a WAY creepier way, they love it! Sometimes the guy is being creepy, sometimes its the girl rejecting the guy.

    • Oh. It's just a defence mechanism though.

  • Voted A. How creepy a guy is, is directly proportional to how physically attractive the girl finds him,.