What is a good book about lesbians?

I want to read a book about lesbians.


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  • xnxx's sex stories site probs has lesbian stuff on it

    • How immature are you? I'm looking for a romance novel, not porn.

      LOL, it's weird to have to ask a 14yo not to objectify lesbian women. But also kind of sad.

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    • @FatCatLady It seems to me that you're the one making a big deal of it.

    • @Zendrya all i can say is puberty.

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  • a book about how lesbians like how they act and behave, or a story with lesbians as the main characters?

    • The books I read, written by lesbians, don't mention details or feelings.

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    • *story

    • I don't really know either or, just wasn't sure what your question was asking.

      I can't give any recommendations, however their are plenty of yuri manga and anime if you're into that.

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