Is there anything you feel the need to just vent about today?

I was driving downtown when on a green light, this guy ran out suddenly from behind a parked truck literally inches from my car as he tried to catch the bus on the other side of the street. Had I looked down for a second, been going faster than I was, or any number of things, this guy might have been in a hospital today or worse. It pissed me off because it's like the thought didn't even occur to him that he had to stop or wait or could have been killed pulling a stunt like that. Idiot!


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  • well i wish i was getting laid, thats what i'm kinda venting about


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  • Oh jeez, that happens a lot around here with people just jumping in front of traffic like its no big deal.

    I'm annoyed because I have a GROUP project this week and I've done 90% of the work.

    • ahhhhhh, that is the absolute worst. I love the meme. It sums it up perfectly:

      Group work in college was even worse than high school b/c unlike high school, it was a bunch of perfect strangers, none of whom I had phone numbers for or who always had to work so there was not meet time we could all come together, so it was just me trying to do it all. I can so relate!