I need some help please?

I am writing a paper about Tiffanys, and how tiffanys can become a strong brand in my country.
I need to write about the strategy they will use, their audience , the prosess and journey in general. and im soo LOST.. i mean how am i going to set my paper up..

Any ideas?


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  • start with other brands stories until they reached success and try to make the same

    • maybe start with defining what luxery is, the definition and what luxery is to people -individuals, talk about identity and diff groups of people

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    • pick a luxury brand and search for "how it is started in US" for example

      let say we will pick "Gucci" it is an Italian brand, search "how Gucci reached US" read it, it will give u a lot of ideas.

    • good luck <3

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