What do you think of what Egypt did with the pyramids?

They putted the flag of france , russia , and Lebanon. And do u think the rest of the world should have done it? I mean not only put France flag


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  • yes; because paris suffered from an attack, and i am angry at isis. but also my hometown lattakia suffered from three missiles near the university and hundreds died and many were injured. and this is happening now almost everyday at my hometown. and that city is supposed to be the safest in syria.
    and the thing is that when countries that aren't that important such as syria, people don't really talk about them much.
    but if something like this happens in france, people panic. i find this is to be normal because france is a great country while syria is not important, but i also feel sad for being unnoticed.


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  • But don't you know? According to new world order, only American and French and British and German and Israeli lives and the like are sacred.

    All the uneducated who think they are so accurately knowledgeable, read or watch "The Untold History of the United States Of Amrerica".

    Better to watch.. 12 episode series. I think it's available on YouTube.


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  • what about Palestin? ahh let me think again Egypt don't care about them i hate this hypocrite world

    • Egypt is the one country that stands with Palestine

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    • Aside from that they are stopping weapons, rockets and mortars from entering Gaza. This acts to save Palestinian lives, since most Israeli military actions result after homemade rocket attacks. So by preventing the attacks on Israel, it helps prevent Israel from attacking the Palestinians. It's always the innocent that get caught in crossfire, Egypt is taking actions to promote regional stability.

    • Not to mention that they are working to stop terrorist groups in their own country.

  • I think it's good but it could target more terrorists

  • I think they shouldn't use the pyramids for that. They could find some other way.

    • Meaning? Like why they shouldn't done that?

    • Because of its historical importance and it is a bit disrespectful to the ancient Egyptians. Using their prized monument as flag pole.

    • Other countries did the same it's not disrespectful or anything