How do religious people explain the Mexican Whiptail Lizard where the females act in mating behavior with each other and can reproduce without males?

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Also how can they deny that being gay is real and is just no perversion when there are videos of different types of animals performing in gay behavior. Animals sticking their dicks in other mlaes and other acts.

  • They can't evolution is real religion denies that
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  • This offends my religion, yeah but we are different than animals you will burn in hell if you are gay
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  • I'm not religious, but being gay is just a genetic error, or some sort of hormonal disbalance.
    Mexican Whiptail Lizards are unisexual species, they reproduce by Parthenogenesis.

    • Yeah but it says they act in mating behavior unlike most other asexual animals.

    • That's because they are Vertebrates. There is a difference between unisexual and asexual species.

    • Thanks for the MHO

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  • I would like to point out that the, "animals do it so it must be okay" argument is probably the worst argument I have ever heard.

    I'm not even religious and I don't care who you fuck, but if you think this is a good rebuttal then you don't think very far and come off as a bit short sighted.

    What animals do has very little to do with what is morally right or wrong. Animals steal, kill and do whatever they must to survive. Monkeys throw poo at each other, are you going to start throwing poo at people now? But monkeys do it, it must be okay!

    So please build a better argument if you want to start fights with people's beliefs, if they have half a mind they can easily prove you wrong.

    Though really as long as they don't push their beliefs on others, it's fine for them to keep to their beliefs, some of them are legitimately worried about gays going to hell, though I'll admit more seem to just use it to excuse hate.

    Interesting wiki page by the way.

    • Well gay behavior slows down the reproduction rate and infancy rate. And humans did all those things you mentioned too including the throwing poop at others there are lots of reports of prisoners throwing poop at the guards. I'd also say we are a lot alike animals because of the same organs that we humans have that animals have as well. I'd also bring up how much animals medical experiments has helped come up with new treatments on humans that worked and it was first tried out on animals which had the same effect on them that it did with humans. Then I'd mentioned how we are not that much different considering all living organisms are made up of the same nucelotide base pairs that are in our DNA and RNA.

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    • My question was how do religious people explain this type of lizard when I said that I was implying genetically not morally and I know how they think I grew up in a Muslim household. I should have said in my post from an evolutionary stand point or something. I see what you mean though.

    • Well in that case it's simply explained that animals do whatever they do to survive and they don't have to follow the same standards as humans, besides, those lizards only have one sex, what else would they do? Maybe there are just tones of those lizards in hell, I don't know.