What in the world is wrong with the Green Bay Packers?

They're about to lose to Detroit, yes the Detroit Lions. They haven't lost at home to Detroit in 24 years. Most people on this site weren't born yet the last time it happened, for some perspective. So i ask one last time, what the fuck is wrong with the Green Bay Packers?

Fuck me man, why didn't i just take Pittsburgh instead. oh big ben is hurt and Cleveland might keep it close, ughhhh just fucking punch me in the head for being an idiot.


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  • hahaha gambling going wrong huh?

    seems like the packers were born under a bad sign this season. randall cobb is not the player he was last year. jordy nelson going down hurt a lot, and worst is that they don't have a consistent running game.

    i wonder if mike mccarthy will take over play calling responsibilities after this season

    • last week's games were horrible and i refuse to acknowledge their existence. this week will be better

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  • Jordy Nelson's absence is interrupting the whole passing game flow; him being keyed on by defenses opened up the other WRs like Cobb and Jones. With Nelson gone, the other WRs aren't getting open.

    Lacy looks like he's been banged up all year; he doesn't look the same.

    • Offense sputters = defense on the field for more snaps = defense suffers = gives up more yards and points

  • The Pack have gone cold this last whole month! Luckily squeaking by San Diego... but they are in a funk... I expect them to get out of it.. but their lead running back (Lacy) is rumored to be overweight, sidelines spats... I think their may be some internal issues going on

  • You aren't doing as bad as my Cowboys, we just lost to the damn Bucs last week 😒