Advice on First Tattoo?

hey, so in 3 weeks a friend and I are planning to get tattoos for my 18th birthday.
I plan on getting a small (1 1/2 inch) black hand drawn looking butterfly on my left wrist. It's kinda like a permanent version of the butterfly project.
the place I asked about it said it would be about $80. is this a good price? and does anybody have any experience with tattoo studios in the northwest near portland Oregon?
what are the most important things I should know in order to get a tattoo safely?


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  • Utter and total turn-off. Tats are a deal breaker for me. But I guess, like others, you aren't interested in my opinion.

    • I honestly want opinions...
      what if the tattoo wasn't just a meaningful tattoo. kinda like a permanent reminder of a promise? my best friend would draw butterflies all over my wrists as reminders of how much she cares about me and as a reminder of how special I was. I'm getting it as a promise / reminder tho myself. that is worth recovering from my self-harm disorder. it's not just some sharpie butterfly that's going to come off after a week... but a permanent reminder.
      It's not a fashion statement or "expression of myself"
      is that still a turn-off?

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    • And your a musician, too! Very admirable!!

    • You're* (my bad typing!)

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