He rescheduled our "whatever you want to call it" ... Should I give up on this guy?

I approached this guy a month ago. Casually I said I would like to get to know him (non flirtatious). We go to the same school & we are 20. He right away invited me to have coffee at his place. It lasted a couple hours and if I am any good at reading body & eye language, I'd say he is attracted to me. I am shy so I was kinda quiet but he was very talkative and animated and it went well despite my semi quietness.

A week went by and I didn't hear from him. I had messaged him a couple times, initiating small talk.. But he literally opened them and didn't respond. But then he randomly messaged me that we should have coffee again soon!! We ran into each other last week, and he lit up when he saw me (I saw it in his eyes I swear) & right away asked so when can we have coffee? And he said we should party together sometime too.

So i had messaged him & we agreed for Friday evening. Well.. Friday came and I hadn't heard from him. I messaged him late that evening if he was still on? And he didn't respond for 2 hours.. He apologized & said he got caught up in an unexpected rehearsal with his group band (he's the main singer) and asked if we could do it on ___day instead? So I acted nonchalant.. Even though I was hurt. He didn't message me (we don't have each other's numbers but through fb) .. Does he just view us as buds so he didn't see the harm?

I can't tell if he is being just nice (he has many girl friends). I feel like it's obvious I have a crush on him.. My friend says he's not stepping up because I'm too attractive and he doesn't think I'm into him.. but I feel like he would still make a move even if he is inexperienced. Wouldn't he? Is he just trying to be friends? If he was, wouldn't he not invite me again? Isn't that giving me false hope?


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  • Give it a second chance!

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