Girls, are my views on women bad or sexist?

I believe that women are by default weaker than men, worse at solving problems, worse at being a leader or higher up, and although they are better than men when it comes to certain mental attributes, men are overall more intelligent and mentally capable. But i also believe women should be treated with respect, chivalry, kindness, and grace.

I think its ok for women to work and contribute to the household's income, but men should still be considered the head of the household. The man should have the last say in all matters, but of course a good husband (or partner) would make decisions out of best interest and concern for their woman. Men should treat their lovers with protection, sanctity, care, and romance. Women should treat their lovers with affection, support, care, and fulfill his sexual needs.

I believe that a woman loses all value if she is not a virgin, and i believe men and women alike should wait until marriage.

I also believe that men should approach women, propose to women, and provide for women. I find women who are opinionated, independent, and stubborn to be VERY unattractive. But women who are shy, gentle, timid, and submissive are very attractive to me.

My main point is that i don't believe women are equal to men, but they should be treated with love and respect by their partners. Is this view wrong, offensive, or in your opinion sexist?

PS: Not everyone has to live by these rules. They can do whatever they want for all i care. This whole description was just what i want in a relationship.

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  • Are you the religious type? I am not being offensive just asking because your type is very rare these days! Anyways to answer your question I would say that they won't be sexist to me if you change a few of your views. First what do you mean by "by default weaker than men"? If physically then I agree otherwise I don't. Also there has been no proof of which gender is more intelligent up til now. Men should also fulfill his wife's sexual needs to the fullest. Plus no harm in listening to the opinions and suggestions of a woman.

    • "First what do you mean by "by default weaker than men"? If physically then I agree otherwise I don't."

      Yes, i meant physically. By that i mean that sure, one strong woman might be stronger than one weak man. But tha average man is much stronger than the average woman.

      "Men should also fulfill his wife's sexual needs to the fullest."

      Yes, i agree.

      "Plus no harm in listening to the opinions and suggestions of a woman."

      Of course. I expect my woman to support me. And she couldnt do that without offering me advice/suggestions now and then.

    • OK then :)

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  • Why bother asking if you know your view is very clearly sexist?
    Im curious though, what do you mean by more mentally capable? And also, I never understood this "value" of a virgin... So if for instance a virgin girl was raped, does she lose her value? And what is this value anyway? Is a virgin generally a better person than someone who have slept with 5 people? And does she lose her value after marriage or something? 😐

    • In response to your first question: By mentally capable, i mean when it comes to using our minds to get jobs done or solve problems.

      In response to your second question: If a girl was raped, but mever had consensual sex then i might still consider her. I mean, as much as the idea of her being with another man bothers me, its not fair to write her off for being a victim to what some tertible scum did to her. I mean, its not her fault--she didn't want to do it. She didn't give her virginity, someone took it. So in that case, If she was a sweet loving girl, then i might be able to look past it.

      In response to your third question: A virgin doesn't have more value as a person in general, she just has more value to me personally. Her being a virgin says to me that she is pure, untouched, innocent, as well as being more likely to have a high level of self controll (which indicates her ability to remain loyal). Also, it is an honor to be her first, and for her to be my first (continued)...

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    • I know, I know you probably just have traditional views. I was just a bit offended by your view of women being less intelligent, worse at problem solving and worse leadership when in fact it has been proven that there isn't a significant difference in men and women in those areas. (I studied this in psychology)

      But I get what you're saying about the virginity thing I guess. But it doesn't guarantee no cheating. Just as someone having slept with other people make them any less loyal.

      I guess I just don't believe in the no sex before marriage because I believe its good if a couple is also sexually compatible when they marry, so there will be more satisfaction which means much smaller likelihood of cheating.

    • Yes, i have heard that one before. But i believe that you can find out whether or not you are sexually compatible without having sex. As long as you are truthful, and comminicate effectively, as well as having explored your body enough to know what arouses you and satisfies you. For instance, she should let him know how long it takes her to orgasm, and he should let her know how long it takes him to orgasm--so that they know whether or not they will be able to satisfy each other. Also, say he is into anal, it is best to put that out there, so that she knows what she is getting into. Anyway, my point is that i think you can decide whether or not you are sexually compatible without actually having sex. You just have to have A LOT of communication and make sure you get everything out there.

      As for the rest, lets agree to disagree. Again, i apologize if i offended you at all, i really didn't mean too. And thank you for giving me feedback. Have a nice night :)

  • I'd say they're antiquated. And it's very strict, I prefer to live my life with a little less restriction. After all, we're only alive once right? Instead of trying to fit perfectly into some pre-set mold... Just have fun. I couldn't really be bothered with taking life as seriously as you take it tbh.

    • Strict? How so?

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    • I guess so. I'm just a routine person. Also sort of a perfectionist. I mean, most of it was just sharing my views on women, rather than talking about how i want my relationship to be organized. I honestly think my description was pretty vague and not too particular. Things like how you shoukd treat your partner are a given to me. I didn't really have a list of "rules" for being in a relationship. Also, a lot of what i said were just ideals, not requirements.

      And yes... i realize how odd i am when it comes to my views on sex. Nobody values sex as i do anymore... It has become a hobby rather than something sacred to be shared between to soulmates.

      This is one thing that really makes me depressed :(

    • @asker yeah your views are different to the majority now... I do understand where you're coming from, but in this society you just can't take sex as seriously as that anymore

  • it's kind of sexist. it's nice that you see us as human beings worthy of basic human respect though. do say i have to disagree with you on the points of:
    virginity- it doesn't matter who cares? why do men have value after losing it?
    household leadership- it should be 50/50 work divided equally
    and the generalization of strength and smartness- yeah most women aren't as strong as men, but not all some women are naturally very strong some men are naturally weak. and even though that may be true a woman can become strong through hard work and training. also since only in the last 100 years or so has it really been expected, for women to go to school and receive an education it's hard to say if men are naturally smarter or just given the opportunity where women had none.

  • that is so sexist i don't even know what to say. your views are from an era when women stayed at home and tended the children; aka, the 1930s. this century is one of working, high level women executives.

    • Did you read the whole thing? I never said i wanted a housewife. I said I'm completely fine with women working and contributing to the income--in fact, it'd be appreciated.

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    • oh, its fine. i have a friend who shares most of your views and so he and i have this debate a lot. I'm kinda desensitized to it.

      i am also sorry for attacking you, because i TOTALLY did not mean it that way.

    • Seriously, I'm sorry if it sounded like women are of less value than men. My main point was that men and women aren't biologically equal but are equal in value. And i dont think men and women should have gender roles as in jobwise, just emotional gender roles.

  • I don't agree with your views probably because you seem traditional but I wouldn't say their offensive.

    • I suppose i am a bit traditional. I don't treat women badly, I'm just fond of the gender roles we used to have i guess *sigh*

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    • @asker Saudi Arabia maybe? ;)

    • @Suhmer I don't know... that country is kind of in that danger zone. Plus, I'm not muslim, so i doubt the women there would be very receptive of me.

      I was thinking more like Japan, but then again, its probably the same deal as the States.

  • I agree that men and women should wait for marriage. I also agree that women should be treated with respect and chivalry.

    I disagree with everything else.

    • What do you particularly disagree with?

      I'm not trying to start an argument. I'm trying to be as unoffensive as possible. I'm just curious. Thank you :)

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    • I just now got your other comment. In response: There is much more to do with intelligence than simply IQ. Overall intelligence includes, memory, overall knowledge, problem solving skills, vocabulary, and use of grammar, proper social interaction, etc etc. most of which traits men come out on top.

      But that's not to say that there aren't things women are better at. Women are better at multitasking, color identification, and having parental instincts--i know there are more, but this is all i could come up with on the spot.

    • Oh god.. no.. you are wrong about that. My vocabulary is just fine, no? This is where you are sexist and also stereotypical.

  • You've got the patriarchal mindset and that's okay! Just respect the woman and never make her feel less than what she is worth (if you put her down for being a woman that's sexist)

  • I'm very disappointed in the 21% of female who answered no in your polls. You are super SEXIST. YOU CLEARLY SAID MEN AND WOMEN AREN'T EQUAL! Fuck gender roles, fuck virginity, fuck shaming women. It seems like what you want is a servant. You want someone who bends to your every whim, doesn't voice her opinions, agrees with everything you say, and is a virgin. It's 2015 now and most women are through with measuring up to sexist standards. You're going to have a tough time finding a shy, submissive, obedient virgin.

  • I hate to be treated like a child just because I don't have a penis. Women are by no means less intelligent than men. Grow up.

  • I think you're views are extremely sexist and backwards. Especially the fact that you feel men are more intelligent than women.

    • I said that men are overall more intelligent than women. But there are still things that women are better at than men.

    • Exactly, you are saying that men are more intelligent and are implying that men are more superior than women. (which, by the way is incorrect). Also, why do you feel that men should "have the last say in all matters". This again implies that you view men as more important than women and that what men have to say is also more important.

    • I don't know if you're going to respond or not so I just wanted to add one more statement. You appear to be a nice guy, for example you talked about how you felt that women should be treated with kindness and respect and seem to care about how they feel, so I think you should at least know how your view on women will affect these feelings. When many women hear your views they will be upset that there are men who view them in that way. They will feel sad. They will feel angry. Some will feel unimportant. Some will feel inferior (and no one wants to feel that way). Even if this was not your intent you will make many women feel like crap. Whether you meant to offend anyone or not, offense will be taken.