Did I screw up (please help)?

There's this guy I met on hot or not and we've been sexting eachother on kik. But then he kept asking me for more photos. i asked if he was using them to post onlime and he said he would do anything like that. In fact he said it twice. I sent him an actual poc and on from online. Anyways, I told him im uncomfortable with it since i dont really know him and he seemed like actually hurt. I don't know, i feel like he's different but maybe not. I'm afraid he's gonna do it anyway. I'm scared.


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  • Probably just wanted them to Jack off too kinda adding to the experience of sexting (would know as a guy). If you're not comfortable just say watch porn and talk after or something :)

    • Ok phew. But he's turned off now, since I freaked out

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    • But just afraid that he's gonna use it as revenge

    • Message me if you have any problems but it should be all good okay :)

  • Spare yourself the worry and potential embarrassment and don't send him anything.


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