Can you solve this problem?

Scenario: There are aliens who have abducted you and your friends. (Let's say that you have 9 friends not including yourself there. So you're 10 people in total). The aliens won't eat logical, intelligent beings: so to test whether you and your friends are their next meal or not, they device a plan.

They line you and your friends up according to height and assign either a black or white hat to each of you. You can't look at the person behind you or even step out of the line or else you'll be eaten. (The aliens will assume you're stupid because you can't understand simple instructions.)

Can you solve this problem?

Now, you do not know the hat that is placed on your head nor can you tell your friends what color hats they have - by the way the hats are assigned randomly. The aliens will give you and your friends 5 minutes to The aliens will give you 5 minutes to discuss and come up with a plan to guess the color of your hat. After the alloted time passes, the aliens will start questioning from the back of the line (from the tallest person).

So what strategy can you come up with that will save you and your friend's lives?

(BTW only 1 person can guess wrong if more than one person gives an incorrect answer. Well, hopefully they'll ask you if you want to be boiled, baked, steamed, fried, or roasted)


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  • Well, the plan has to do with with even and odd number of hats since one person is allowed an incorrect answer.


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