I honestly don't know what to expect?

I'm going to see a psychiatrist as I have depression/anixety & self harm, so I don't know what to expect as this is very much out of my comfort zone. I heard they carry out a simple physical examination, such as checking your blood pressure for example, not sure what else? & that's before prescribing certain medications Many thanks


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  • Psychiatry is a profession where the doctor has studied and finished their degree in medicine and then studied psychology on top. He/she will check your vitals to see if your anxiety is a symptom of depression or if you may have an underlying medical disease. They will probably prescribe exercise (it releases endorphins which are a happy 'hormone'), some pills if needed, and will also psychologically evaluate you as a psychologist would. They might weigh you but if you're uncomfortable with that, you can refuse (they will understand because they've studied into the emotional side of humans so they'll be more sensitive).
    All in all, you're in really good hands

  • I'm not sure. But just be honest with them so they can help the best they can (: