Is this even correct grammar?

I was talking to this guy about books and he was like all, "Any standout collections?" as though that was a thing.

I think he was trying to sound 'smart,' but I've actually never really come across that phrase. Ever. He's addressing books as though they're postage stamps.



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  • I would have thought it was charming if somebody asked me that. But I would have had to say, with a big smile, "Collections of what?"

    That guy could be a collector himself and wonder what kinds of books you collect, if any. Or he could like anthologies. But there's nothing grammatically wrong with what he said.

    You should post a question, "Any standout collections?" in that dude's honor. :)

    • Was he actually expecting a list? I pretty much just gave him one book, I would never tell anyone my list, it's so personal.

      For some reason I highly, highly doubt he is a collector. In fact, his facebook 'books,' is really generic stuff.

    • Well yeah, that's telling, with the Facebook insight.

      I would never have asked that question because especially these days among young people, few collect. But the answer wouldn't have to be a list necessarily. Could just be a cool conversation starter.

      I know you said it's personal but if you're willing to drop the cloak of anonymity (via PM maybe) I'd like to hear about your list. Must be interesting. Looking forward to hearing about any standouts. (Couldn't help it.)

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  • I think I heard if the phrase before, not sure.
    I don't know what it means.

    Did he mean collections that stand out to you? Lol :D


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  • haha. People.

    • Me, or him?

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    • If he's trying to sound smart, I woudl think

    • Some people are just weird. But maybe lol.

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  • It's correct grammar, just strange phrasing

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