Do you think Alexander Hamilton should be removed from the 10 dollar bill?

He'll be replaced by a woman from American history in 2020 (100th anniversarvy of women getting the right to vote). I think it's a great idea, but Alexander Hamilton shouldn't be the one who gets removed. He's a cool guy. It should be Andrew Jackson. He was a total dick.

Do you think Alexander Hamilton should be removed from the 10 dollar bill?
Much better.


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  • Actually, they don't plan on removing Alexander Hamilton. They're thinking of putting the other person ont the back of the bill letting Hamilton keep his place.
    I still don't understand what Grant is doing on $50 bill, just put Reagan there!

    • That's even better. How many bills are there? They could change one side on each one and keep the other. Except Andrew Jackson.

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    • I'd be behind that (Reagan), but it'll never happen if the Democrats have their way. It's funny, the history books we use in school are written by flaming liberals (my last history class in college spent more time focusing on the Zoot Suit race riots in Los Angeles than the whole of World War Two). Pretty much all of Reagan's entry focused on the national debt under his tenure and the Iran-Contra scandal. I doubt there will be a word written about the IRS targeting political opponents, Benghazi, or any of the myriad Obama scandals.

    • Three words:


  • Lol. Let me think about it and get back to you.


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