This gay dude at work is insulting me?

So when I first came he would jokignly compliment my looks and straight up told me he is bisexual. I got a weird vibe that he wanted my dick at some point. I try and be nice and respectful but he tells me all this shit about drugs and stuff. I told him I could never drop LSD because I have too many demons in my closet. I made it clear I only like women. He has now called me ugly jokignly a couple times ad told me I have a face that says I have a lot of issues. I'm trying to hold myself back from punching this guy in the fcking face. How should I handle this.


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  • "atleast i can make kids"
    prepare for a shitstorm.

  • Report him to your manager or supervisor what the fuck gay or straight no fucking co-worker should talk to you like that.