On a scale of 1-10 how bad of an idea is this?

1 being the most intelligent thing someone could do ever and 10 being the most asinine thing ever.

I promised my boyfriend I'd watch him swim during his next semester.

However, I just got my schedule for my new job that will be starting in January and here're my options.

Option A) Break the promise and not go to any of his meets.

Option B) Pull a 12 hour shift (2pm-2am) on Friday and then drive 5.5 hours immediately out of work (arrive around 8am) to his school on Saturday, and sleep for 2 hours. Watch his 1pm swim meet, go out and celebrate with him afterwards, sleep there and drive back Sunday afternoon for work on Monday.

Reasons to not call off:

- It will be my third shift.
- I don't want to be calling off work so soon after starting
- There won't necessarily be time between my first shift and that one to find a replacement

I promised him I'd make it to a meet and that's the only one that occurs on a Saturday that I'm not working. But every Saturday I have off is preceeded by a Friday that I do work.

Part of me thinks I can swing it with some coffee and 5 hour energy and part of me knows it's an idiotic idea. But then the part of me that thinks I can swing it thinks that it's just once and if I prep ahead of time (by sleeping late on Friday) and by making sure to have energy drinks I can pull it off lol

So how stupid is it? 'Cause I know it isn't brilliant lol

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  • 3-4 - If executed properly I guess...
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  • 5-6 - You're playing with fire
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  • 7-8 - Seriously though, do you want to get burned?
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  • 9-10 - You'll die.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I voted B.
    I would consider getting some sleep before the drive, not afterwards... that will give you some recovery between working and driving and will help keep it safe :D


Most Helpful Girl

  • You know yourself, but it doesn't seem like a great idea to work 12 hours then drive overnight. And you definitely shouldn't call off of work right after starting a new job. I think your boyfriend would understand if you just explain you made that promise before you got this job, but now it's going to be impossible to see his swim meet because of your schedule.

    Once you've worked at the job for a month or so, you can feel more secure at the job and try to trade shifts or change your schedule to see one of his swim meets. I wouldn't do anything like that in the first 30 days or so, because they're still evaluating you and it makes it look to the employer like the job isn't your top priority.


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What Guys Said 2

  • Ok ok
    So first do me a favour
    Take a deep breath
    Feeling good? No?
    Here we go...
    He loves you right?
    Then tell this to him and he'll definitely understand your situation cause I think you'll be too tired to enjoy with him 😶?

  • Yea your playing woth fire. It ambitious, but i think your trying, to accomplish too much.


What Girls Said 2

  • Your dedication to your boyfriend is admirable but i think he would understand if you explained that you would probably miss a few of his swim meets as he will want you to be safe and healthy and not exhausted in the long run. You could get the day off work and go and see his swim meets a few times if you wanted. I don't think your boyfriend would expect you to pull an all nighter

  • Can't you arrange a friday/sat off sometime in advance? Give notice, get coverage from a co-worker? Another thought, are all his swim meets at home? Do they travel? To a school closer to you?

    • They travel. To Texas. California. North Carolina. Florida. And New Mexico. His season will be done by the time I've earned any time off or enough cred to swap shifts. As for requesting time off, see point 3 in reasons to not call off.

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    • I would swap shifts. BUT it will be my third shift ever. I literally don't have the necessary time window to submit the request. That's it. That's the thing. That's why I can't swap shifts. Time off requests/shift swaps must be approved 2 weeks in advance. It will be my third day.

      There's no two weeks about your third day. That's why I can't do any of the normal things one would do to get the day off for travel. That's why I am left with the night drive option.

    • Then do it. Drive.