Can u give me Adice guys?

So my roommate borrowed a scale machine right from his uncle. so we kept it at our for 6 months so far. And it was in my area for some reason. By my bin/Containers. I bought some weights my old ones were looking rough. So I set my 20 pound weight on top of my container. It fell on top of the scale its broke now. I was Like damn. I told him he's like my uncle gonna flip. I'm like I don't care went to amazon and order a Similar model for 45 dollars. I didn't tell my friend I bought a new one. s He told his uncle his uncle mad. I'm like bro stop tripping I got u. Either I'm gonna give 60 dollers for this weight machine because I broke it hell i give extra ten in gas or I'll order u a similar one off amazon. He said I was being cocky and I don't respect other people shit. What's should I do give him the money 4 it or by a new one and say here stop crying.

Here is the picture of the one I'm gonna by his is a life fitness one. Amazon only has omeron

Can u give me Adice guys?

I can't find the original scale anywhere amazon said its out of stock.

I'm not giving him more than 60-80 rollers for tbag rusty shit


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